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Experiment equipment

We would like to introduce the experiment equipment in the laboratory.   High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)   Gas Chromatography (GC)   Phase-contrast microscope

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Two-stage UASB and DHS reactors for treatment of concentrated rubber latex wastewater (Surat Thani, Thailand; ~2011.3)

Project output Yamashita,T.,Kumakura,S.,Sato,K.,Hatamoto,M., Takahashi,M.,Pairaya Kucivilize Choeisai, Syutsubo,K., Araki,N.&Yamaguch,T.(2010). Performance and microbial community structures of two-stage UASB and DHS system for the treatment of rubber latex wastewater containing high strength sulfat. 1st International Conference on Anaerobic Digestion of Waste and Wastewater.197-206

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Reversibleflow anaerobic buffled reactor (RABR) pilot plant for palm oil mill effluent (Shah Alalm, Malaysia; ~2011.3)

Project output Miyauchi,D.,Tanikawa,D.,Sase,S.,Takemura,Y.,Kubota,K.,Yamaguchi,T.,Syutsubo,K., Sekiguchi,Y.,Mohammed Faisal Mohammed Yunus,Sau Soon Chen&Harada,H.(2010). Methane emission from palm oil mill effluent (POME) treating anaerobic lagoons and introduction of reversible flow anaerobic baffled reactor (RABR) into POME treatment. 1st International Conference on Anaerobic Digestion of Waste … Continue reading

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2009 Hatamoto, M., Nakai, K., Ohashi, A. & Imachi, H. (2009). Sequence specific bacterial growth inhibition by peptide nucleic acid targeted to the mRNA inding site of 16S rRNA. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. in press. Sakai, S., Imachi, H., Sekiguchi, Y., … Continue reading

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Assistant professor Publications Hatamoto, M., T. Miyauchi, T. Kindaichi, N. Ozaki, and A. Ohashi. Dissolved methane oxidation and competition for oxygen in down-flow hanging sponge reactor for post-treatment of anaerobic wastewater treatment. Bioresource Technology In press. Hatamoto, M., Y. Koshiyama, … Continue reading

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Biological treatment of bioethanol producing wastewater

Bioethanol is renewable energy produced from agricultural feedstock and thus bioethanol has been attracting attention as an alternative fuel for gasoline. However, bioethanol produces massive amount of waste/wastewater during the production process. These waste/wastewater are fermentation waste, distillery waste and … Continue reading

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Sulfur denitrification using sulfur compounds generated from biological desulfurization of biogas for industrial wastewater treatment

Anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater produces not only useful methane but also highly toxic hydrogen sulfide gas. Especially for the wastewater containing high concentration sulfate, such as wastewater from molasses, natural rubber, and brewery, high concentration of hydrogen sulfide is … Continue reading

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Development of a high sensitive FISH

Recently, the rRNA approach is widely used for revealing a microbial community and opening the unknown microbial world.  In the rRNA approach, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) makes it possible to detect the target cells at single cell resolution.  In … Continue reading

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Elucidate an anaerobic sulfur oxidizing reaction in UASB reactor and utilization for sewage treatment system in low temperature condition

Our laboratory has been developing a sewage treatment system with UASB reactor for warm climate (average temperature: 15℃〜20℃). However, the performance of usual UASB such as organic matter removal decreases in winter because the decline of activities of methanogenic archaea … Continue reading

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Development of methane fermentation system using local biomass resources

The concern for biomass resources has been increasing for global warming and fears of depletion of fossil resources. In Japan, a large amount of biomass resources are expected because of Japan’s temperate rainy climate. Japanese government also promotes the utilization … Continue reading

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